Anja Daelemans and Nicholas Bonner

Anja + Nicholas

Anja Daelemans

Director/producer of Comrade Kim Goes Flying (2012), Daelemans established her own production company in 1996, Another Dimension of an Idea and produced short films. In 2001, the first feature was being made. Another Dimension of an Idea’s mission is to produce creative projects meeting high standards of quality and value. Her productions have won combined 61 awards on the international film festival circuit. Daelemans has been nominated for two Academy Awards® for her short films – Fait d’Hiver and Tanghi Argentini. Since January 2009 she has worked as a full time consultant for the biggest Belgian commercial television channel (VTM/2Be) at their drama department.

Nicholas Bonner

Nicholas Bonner trained first as a Countryside Ranger and then as a Landscape Architect and never imagined he would spend 20 years of his life living in Beijing and visiting North Korea almost every month, let alone directing/producing the film Comrade Kim Goes Flying (2012). After a study visit to Asia in 1993 he became so fascinated with North Korea that together with his colleague Joshua Green they set up Koryo Group a company which specializes in cultural exchanges with North Korea (film, tourism, art, and sport projects). In 2001 he was approached by director Daniel Gordon to work together on a documentary on the 1966 North Korean World Cup heroes who beat the favorites Italy 1-0 but were never seen again. The players were found, the film made (The Game of Their Lives (2002)) and they took the players back to the UK to visit the site of their victory – and it still remains North Korea’s most significant cultural exchange. Two more documentaries followed, A State of Mind (2004) and Nicholas co-producing Crossing the Line (2006).