Aozaru Shiao


Born in 1976, Aozaru graduated from Taiwan University of Arts with a degree in cinema. In 2003 he won “Best Experimental Film” for his film Copy:Copy. That same year he also won the Video Communication Prize at the JVC Tokyo Video Festival. His movie Lamb was selected for the Golden Horse Awards Festival in both the “Best Effects” and “Best Short Film” categories. He was invited to share the director’s credit on Forever Love with Kitamura Toyoharu because of his careful, precise method of shooting fantasy. It is his first feature film. While Forever Love is set in the 1960’s, it is shot in a way to eliminate any “old fashioned” feeling so that instead of feeling like going back in time it feels contemporary and fresh. It’s a perfect blend of the fun, light, romantic style of Toyoharu and the colorful, visionary, fantastic style of Aozaru.