It's Me, It's Me

(Japan, 2012)
North American Premiere
Co-Presented with JAPAN CUTS
119min, DCP, Japanese with English Subtitles
Directed by: Satoshi Miki
Starring: Kazuya Kamenashi, Yuki Uchida, Ryo Kase, Midoriko Kimura, Keiko Takahashi

Somewhere between Magritte, Kafka, Spike Jonze and Charlie Kaufman, Satoshi Miki’s (Tokyo Turtles Are Surprisingly Fast Swimmers and Adrift in Tokyo) surrealist tale, based on a prize-winning novel by Hoshino Tomoyuki, boldly goes where no black comedy has gone before.

Hitoshi, an electronics store clerk who gave up on a career as a photographer, finds himself afflicted with a bad case of multiple person (not a typo) disorder. One day like any other, at a fast food joint, the young clerk (played by pop star Kazuya Kamenashi of the band KAT-TUN), picks up a cellphone left behind by a random customer (whose face is not revealed yet but whose name, “Daiki”, is mentioned in passing). Out of curiosity and boredom, rather than genuine malice, he sets out to enact a popular phone scam: he calls the person’s mother, uses the famed open-sesame formula “It’s me! It’s me!” and poses as her son, easily sweet-talking the credulous mom into transferring cash to his own depleted bank account. However, pangs of guilt torment him ever so slightly and soon, Hitoshi has a change of heart. He proceeds to pay a visit to his victim to return the ill-gotten money. But there, much to his surprise and dismay, the victim calls him “Daiki” and treats him as if he were her real son.

Confused, he returns home to find his own mother unable to recognize him, and worse, rejecting him as a stranger. Kicked out of his own home, he comes across an unsmiling doppelganger who claims to be “Hitoshi”. A second encounter with another, quirkier version of himself, occurs shortly afterwards and complicates this surreal state of affairs a little further. The three “Hitoshis”, first baffled, find themselves getting along with each other rather well. They decide to make the most the most of a strange situation and end up forming a sort of “social” club.

Things seem to work out fine for the trio until new doubles start popping up here, there… and basically everywhere. Soon Hitoshi proliferates all over the place until the whole city becomes a walking metropolis of hims. Which is fine for the egotistic young man… until the army of “me”’s has some serious issues…

Saturday July 13, 6:30PM Japan Society Buy Tickets