Never Too Late To Repent

(Taiwan, 1979)
Made Possible by the NYAFF Film Preservation Fund
96 minutes, HDCAM, in Mandarin with English subtitles
Directed by: Tsai Yang-ming
Starring: Ma Sha, Yeung Sau-guen, Li Min-lang
Director Tsai Yang-ming will attend the screening.

Ma Sha grew up on the mean streets, an illegitimate son raised by his grandmother. He becomes a pimp in a brothel and is arrested and sent to jail for 15 years for killing one of the customers. The movie follows his life as he fights in jail, escapes, fights some more, gets sent to an island, and then tries to write and publish his story. Which then is turned into a movie, starring himself and his epic dragon tattoo.

When Tsai Yang-ming released this crime thriller in 1979 it became a surprise hit at the Taiwanese box office, which was then dominated by period martial arts flicks and sentimental romances. It launched Taiwan’s Black Movies trend which saw 117 hard-hitting exploitation movies hit the silver screen between 1979 and 1983, and this stark, true crime film is the proud parent to them all. Starring Ma Sha, based on a book by Ma Sha, which in turn was based on Ma Sha’s badass life, this film is the heart-warming tale of a pimp who just wants to change the world and “wake up those who are teetering on the edge of criminal.” We’re proud to present this film with the director in the audience as part of our focus on Taiwanese pulp film.

Part of Taiwan Pulp! – Tales of Gangsters, Female Avengers, and Ninjas!

Saturday July 6, 7:30PM Walter Reade Theater Buy Tickets